Bumbak Coffee

A Little Gem in The Heart of Umalas

bumbakcoffeeOpened since 2011 and located in the heart of Umalas area, BUMBAK Coffee comes with consistent, sustainability & serve fresh farm produce to the table of every customer. BUMBAK Coffee creates an evolving menu of simple Indonesian produce – forward dishes that mix with Australian style technique with an eclectic variety of Asian and Balinese flavors & ingredients.

BUMBAK Coffee vision is to be one of Balinese’s most inspiring coffee shops with an acclaimed reputation for providing great tasting coffee from a blend of many single origin beans and delicious freshly made food. BUMBAK Coffee work hard to ensure that all customers enjoy their experiences when enjoying the coffee in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere with trained staff and experienced baristas. Choose from a wide range of heart-warming hot beverages or enjoy a refreshing iced drink. BUMBAK Coffee take pride in making fresh food onsite every day to make sure you receive both great products, and great service.

When you enter BUMBAK Coffee, The wooden chairs and table are being the characteristic of this place, a greenery leaf and unique bistro lamp style are being added in their main entrance. This place is dominant with people brings their family to have breakfast and lunch or a couple who are looking for a cup of coffee, so you can feel the ambiance of family vibes there. The staff will greet you with a warm welcome and with Balinese style hospitality, so you can feel that kind of ambiances & vibes. Stepping inside to the main BUMBAK Coffee dining room, you can see a variety of coffee machinery from manual brewing & espresso machine coffee brewing. The smells of fresh grain coffee beans and fresh homemade bread are very dominant if you came when on breakfast time, also you can see the barista live in front of you produce a great quality of coffee and you can have a chit-chat with the barista as well.

BUMBAK Coffee is truly a little gem in UMALAS area & they have a characteristic that makes them will sustain in many years to come.

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