"{Digital transformation}
isn`t a waste of money,
it`s a necessary cost of change"

A digital agency in Bali

To create something that can bring your business fits to the digital world is not as easy as a magic spell. It takes teamwork and solid work.

We’re a team of specialists, focused on helping various businesses to grow by enhancing the online customer experience and by gaining deep customer insight. With our company characteristic of “Laser Pointer Target”.

We do this through strategic analysis, personalization, ongoing testing, and through leveraging ‘Best of Breed’ technology partners.

We have different expertise: Business Expert, Brand Strategic, Digital Tech Savvy, Social Media Expert, Hotelier Expert, F&B Expert, Event Organizer, Web Developer & Graphic Designer.

Our commitment is to lead your brand or business to the right way in the digital world.

Start with your SEO, manage your Social Media, Digital Asset Optimization and Ads with the specific target!

Strategy & Planning

Our team comes from difference expertise, we give you our best effort to bring your brand or services goes with the latest technology that fits with you and collaborates with the best & the latest methodology of advertising and campaign.

Digital Content

Content is one of the key point of element to have your business into the digital world, which is from the graphic, pictures & Videos are matter. But content without planning is a waste of time.

Digital Platform

Never say that a Social Media and a website is not as important as your business address and your people in your business. None of successful business runs without any website and successful Social Media

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What people say about
a Digital Agency !

Yes, we want to offer you our services

as a Digital Agency or Digital Marketing Team

But you don`t have to say anything until you see what other people said about a Digital Agency and what is the importance to collaborate with a Digital Agency like us.

It allows you to focus on running your business & they have all the tools.

In just the same way that having an accountant means you can leave the books and taxes to them, a digital marketing agency can take the helm of your marketing needs which will free up your hands to take the reins on other important aspects of your company. Whether you want to spend more time n the strategic direction of your company, find better efficiencies in operations, or spend more time on your portfolio management or research and development, having an agency handle your digital marketing strategy can you give the time you need to do so.

With the experience, knowledge, and necessary continuing education of online and digital marketing, a marketing agency has tools at the ready that many organizations may not even be aware of. 


Why You Need To Complement Your In-House Team With External Expertise

I am a big fan of large enterprise organizations having an in-house SEO team. However, there are strong arguments for supplementing the efforts of your in-house team with help from external SEO expertise

But, if your in-house SEO is a good one, he or she will recognize the value of outside help. There is simply too much complexity in SEO today, and it is not going to get better or simpler. The sophistication of the search engines is only going to increase, and so is the challenge for the average Web publisher.

The ideal enterprise SEO team includes both an in-house person or team, complemented by an external team. Hire the right external team, and they will help you understand the current best-of-breed practices and keep you one step ahead of the curve.


You need a digital presence and you can’t do it all yourself

A lot depends on the industry that you’re in, but more often than not you need a digital presence. Your customer is likely googling you and your competitors, comparing all the different options that they have.

While everybody understands that having a website or social media can be a benefit or lead to more sales, they don’t know what to do beyond setting up the sites — build it and then what?

Unless you have a lot of time to create content, manage your website/social media, you’re not going to get much value out of it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will take a lot of time. And if your core business/expertise isn’t in digital marketing, you won’e be able to handle these effectively or efficiently.


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Graphic Designer


Jay Wahyudi

Photography Expert

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